Welcome to Little Red Herring, based in sunny Marlborough, New Zealand!

At Little Red Herring, we're all about gratitude and appreciation! Our mission is to make it effortless for you to express your thanks and appreciation to the incredible women in your life. We offer simple, stylish presents that convey your care and let them know you're thinking of them.

The idea for Little Red Herring was born from years of searching, buying, wrapping, and mailing gifts—three times a year for three mothers!  Mother's Day, birthdays and Christmas, we wanted a single destination that could take care of it all. So, we created exactly that. We're constantly on the lookout for tasteful, meaningful gifts that show how much you care.

The name came from my wish to have a chocolate fish type logo!  I came up with Little Red Herring just because it sounded quirky (kind of not what you are expecting). Then, as it turns out my great, great grandmother was called Margaret Herring!!!!

We're passionate about making gift-giving special and easy. Whether it's for your mum, sister, grandma, friend, colleague or customer, we have something perfect for every occasion.

We curate our products carefully to bring joy and make a statement. Whether you choose a standout item, a personalized gift box, or select from our collections, we ensure every gift is beautifully wrapped and delivered anywhere in New Zealand.

More than anything, we want you to experience as much happiness in giving as it is receiving. To give is to gain. It's about spreading love and making someone's day special with a heartfelt gesture, and getting that feel good feeling yourself at the same time!!

Thank you for visiting Little Red Herring! Let's celebrate those meaningful moments in style.

With love and gratitude always, Elaine